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Loose Change

I’ve almost completely given up on this blog. I have a deep calling to write from a business blog but am finding that one difficult to get going. Wow, I was really pissed off in my last entry. My Easter

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I imagine it’s obvious that things haven’t been going well for me. I well know that I dislike people asking how I am and that I feel that my answers are lies. That I keep to myself more and catch myself frowning.

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It has been a pretty rocky year. The one area of my life that has been turned inside-out has then affected work, home, health and relationship. But to tell you the truth, I’m hanging in there. The affected areas are

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Remembering MoMo

Five days ago I wrote the following in a journal: “MoMo is not well, I’m sitting with him while I write my new moon wishes. 1. I ask that Mo is comforted and given the best care till the end

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Welcome to Tabletland

I have bought myself a new toy and am having fun getting to play with it. Hello Google Nexus 7! I’ve been something small and portable for a long time, it’s exciting to have finally made a decision on what

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I found myself blogging

Every year at about this time (and like a lot of other people) I seem to go into a state of crazed busyness combined with a desperate self-review. Makes for a fun time… not. I don’t know exactly what it

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Expect the Unexpected

The ride, the wave of work that had weaved its way into my world, was mostly enjoyable. It wasn’t perfect, of course, but I was getting used to it and loving the regular income. Alas, change is inevitable and last

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