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I imagine it’s obvious that things haven’t been going well for me. I well know that I dislike people asking how I am and that I feel that my answers are lies. That I keep to myself more and catch myself frowning.

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Thoughts of Parenting

I tend to reflect on things and upon myself. I’m one of those types seeking to understand and improve constantly. Lately, parenting has been on my mind. I wonder about my boyfriend’s children. They’re lovely girls receiving messages about the

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Funny-Shaped Hearts

I suffered through laxative medication and an enema earlier in the week. I did this in order to endure a long hour of a stranger exploring my nether regions with a prophylactic-covered phallic-shaped device. We made small talk and she

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A Mother of a Decision

It’s time for me to get personal. I’m a 35 year old woman in a loving relationship. My partner has two beautiful children (and one deceased). I am not their mother. I have the desire to have children of my

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I’ve been wondering if I still have baggage to do with moving out. We’ve missed out on a couple of properties and when I look at rentals, none of them have really seemed exciting or like I could live there.

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Spring is the time for a bit of this and that

I got that casual job I applied for. The boss had decided to hire me before we even met. She’d had two references from mutual colleagues and we’d spoken on the phone several times and had already established a bond/relationship.

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Love Song Considerations

As I drove home from singing group, I turned on the radio to Richard Mercer’s Love Song Dedications. I can find the show funny, sweet or sad (both types) but always incredibly interesting. The callers always miss their significant other

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