It has been a pretty rocky year. The one area of my life that has been turned inside-out has then affected work, home, health and relationship. But to tell you the truth, I’m hanging in there. The affected areas are strong enough and stable enough. It’s entirely possibly to feel out-of-control in one area and to live relatively normally. I did seek out professional counselling services and that’s been a wonderful support.

One thing that I have been doing as therapy, productivity and because it was entirely necessary, is declutter and clean. Our rented home is small and 3 yrs ago we combined two households of stuff. I’ve taken bags and bags of clothes, books, kitchenware and odds and sods to the op shop. I’ve sold things. I’ve thrown out junk that should never have been kept. I’ve had a kerbside clean-up. I’ve taken green waste to the tip. I’ve recycled what I could. I’ve bought and assembled furniture to make homes for things. I’ve organised, trialled different ways of storing things. I’ve rearranged furniture. I get a buzz every time I see a box or bag leave the home. In fact, I took another (reusable) garbage bag to the op shop today.

I have been wanting to start a few projects but for a long time have felt bogged down. I believe I’m creating a sanctuary. I’m creating room for experiences, room for happy children to come back home. Their room was first. Too-small clothes given away, furniture bought, toys and prized possessions organised. It was the best room in the house. It didn’t help the cause but I (and Mr Connection has also, less enthusiastically, been caught up in my whirlwind) moved on. Cupboard by cupboard, room by room, and as days, weeks months go by, it’s getting there. I feel like I can breathe now. My home is looking more and more cosy and liveable. And I feel that there is so much more room for better things or even just to enjoy some space.

I (now?) also have one less excuse for not starting projects. I’ve been reading a book about creating dreams and decluttering/cleaning was halfway down the list. However, I had so much stuff I couldn’t even focus on what I wanted. I know this will make a difference. It’s funny but I’ve felt this urge for a long time to purge belongings and never found the time. Now that I have this unexpected extra time, I am on a roll. It keeps me occupied and positive. I’ve somehow found the time to read several novels, join and use the gym, cook more and do all my usual activities. I’m also getting better at staying up-to-date with my accounts, tax etc. Perhaps I’m finally growing up?

Well, time to go.

P.S. I imagine that emotional baggage will naturally be the next thing to clear. What a journey that will be… stay tuned for that report.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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One comment on “Clear
  1. Listening avidly, as usual. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

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