Feeling the Burn

After some self-evaluation and research (and despite reading that self-diagnosis over the internet is dangerous) I’ve decided that I’m suffering from burnout.

Partly because I’m a therapist, partly because I’m self-employed, partly because I had troubles in one job and partly because my home life is chaotic.

And I put myself under a lot of stress and pressure in all areas of my life.

My major symptoms are feeling exhausted and lethargic, disinterested, indecisive, irritable, impatient, dissatisfied, having insomnia, anxiety, unable to relax, avoiding people and work if possible, and just feeling that I’m almost not coping with  my life.

The tricky thing is working out whether those are characteristics of my natural personality…


Anyway, I’m taking steps to recover. Doing nothing is great. I also have some hypnosis, supportive friends and plans to look after myself.

This is a song I have been enjoying lately.




Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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