I found myself blogging

Every year at about this time (and like a lot of other people) I seem to go into a state of crazed busyness combined with a desperate self-review.

Makes for a fun time… not.

I don’t know exactly what it is that brings it about – is it the continual overwork? The lack of time off? The additional socialising and other stresses? A new year looming? Why must I suddenly want to correct everything that’s not perfect in my life – and there’s a lot of that – all at once!?

So, yeah, one of the things is my lack of writing, lack of time for writing, that I only feel inspired to complain when I write… ho hum.

And here I am. Writing. Complaining.

But at least I’m here.

In the library, in fact.

A friend who I’ve never seen in the library before  – and I’m not here often either – just walked past and sat down to read a book. They close shortly, hoping I can nab her for a chat and a tea.

That’s what I do these days – chat to a friend or family – when I can. Writing seems like an ancient friend that I’ve lost touch with. But I do think about her often, wishing to reconnect…


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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One comment on “I found myself blogging
  1. mystic29 says:

    If you write to complain and you haven’t written much lately then things must be good for you at the moment? Lap it up, enjoy every fun filled minute.. we’ll be here!
    Merry Christmas Spiral and to all your readers.

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