Fired Up

I’ve been a bit pre-occupied as of the last few days. We still have about 60 bushfires burning in my State, a couple of them quite near. I work near one area that has been hit. I had a heap of cancellations last Friday as clients needed to look after their homes or stay away from the area. There were sirens non-stop and helicopters water bombing. I am expecting chaotic work tomorrow and don’t really want to be heading closer to fires…

There is another massive uncontrolled fire further north-west of me. Winds are predicted to change in the next few days and I could be in danger. It is unlikely but still… very scary conditions forecast….

There have been hundreds of homes lost. Fire fighters and Rural Fire Services have been doing a fantastic job. The community has been really generous withe people offering shelter and donations from food, clothes, cash to cars.

Fingers crossed that nightmarish weather doesn’t eventuate.


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2 comments on “Fired Up
  1. mystic29 says:

    The winds you will get later this week were here yesterday, 30knots and 40degrees..bad enough here but when they get to where you are they will fan those fires. Stay safe Spiral

    • Spiral says:

      I went to the local community meeting tonight. The weather is predicted to be worse than originally forecast. Still, we’re not exactly in a prime fire location… at the moment we’re planning to stick it out. We cleared the gutters and garden, have prepared water and done some prep of the house… Biggest threat will be ember attack… If we decide to leave they recommend doing so before lunch tomorrow.

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