Calamity Less

For about two weeks now I’ve been doing positive affirmations and listening to positive recordings. It’s making a difference in my moods. I simply feel happier. And life’s little problems are easier to deal with. 

The stressful gardening job dramas are just about resolved. Council issued a Tree Permit for the removal of all Hollies. My employers are happy with my work and say to do what I like. And a few days ago the ladies that were harassing me turned up at the job. The younger one again questioned me on whether authorities had contacted me about poisoning animals… I replied no, I did the work all according to guidelines etc. She pushed her opinion again, I calmly stated that I did not believe there was any way there could be a problem, that the trees are soon being removed with council permission. Very abruptly she dropped the subject and started joking and talking about something else. It was such a visible shift, that we could have differing opinions but that I could be strong and empowered and not be bothered by them. And because I did not react in the way she expected, she gave up. It was another test and one that had a really different outcome.

I had a psychic reading a month or two back. The reader said I needed to acknowledge all I’ve achieved and integrate. Then I’ll be able to move forward. I plan to write about how much I’ve grown and do some meditation and see how that feels.

Stay tuned for my retrospective review of the past few years.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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One comment on “Calamity Less
  1. prog4 says:

    You sound to me like you are much more aligned than you have been. Good to hear things are better.

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