All In My Head

I have things that are always on my mind, usually the present ‘dramas’ and I just don’t relax. They are ALWAYS on my mind. Of course, I also always find more things to add to my list.

This is the current list that I think about:

– Scared to go to the gardening job with the harassing women

– Nervous singing in front of other people

– All of my work is a bit slow at the moment

– Lacking goals regarding career or business development

– Tax time

– Routine Rental Inspection looming

– House is a mess due to lack of storage/too much stuff and limited time to clean, organise

– No time for hobbies such as learning instrument, yoga or writing

– Tiredness, some health problems

– Worried about my anxiety! Wanting to do something about my emotional health and wellbeing


I’m going to the snow in a week and a half. I am really excited but all of The. Other. Stuff. is getting in the way of my preparations. Actually, it’s my anxiety that is the problem. I mean, everyone always has stuff to deal with but some seem to be able to cope easily.

I usually feel as if I’m barely keeping it together. I don’t like the feeling. I’m hoping that acknowledging that I’m not finding it easy helps somehow. By being honest, by accepting my situation, by looking for ways to make it easier.

I had a psychic reading on Sunday. The reader said I need to meditate, find my inner strength and look at how far I’ve come, to appreciate what I’ve achieved, in order to move forward.

I’m off to RECEIVE a massage now. I booked myself in. It also could be a potential place to work – yup, two motives. Still, I’m looking forward to getting on the table.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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One comment on “All In My Head
  1. Tom Rubenoff says:

    Singing in front of people gets easier with use even if you are vocally challenged like me :).

    I find that attentive listening without judgement works great with the persistently annoying but some can sure wear you out, can’t they? I wish you the best.

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