More Yuck

My workplace saga continues. I had felt such relief and working at the garden last week was enjoyable. But yesterday the older volunteer was also working while I was there. Initially she ignored me and then after a couple of hours came over to criticise my work, complain, accuse, insinuate that I didn’t know what I was doing etc. I stuck up for myself, saying the client was happy with my work. She complained more and I just ignored her until she went away.


I saved my tears until I drove off. Arrived home, Mr Connection hugged me until i stopped crying and made me a cup of tea. I haven’t been able to talk with the client yet, she isn’t always contactable due to her work.

I’m dreading working there today and in general. I’m a worker and I’ve discussed everything I’ve done with my client, who has agreed. Sure, we both need more info about Heritage guidelines but that can be changed. Hopefully I’ll get to talk with her today.

The pay is good but I start to wonder how much I want this job…


Would you believe it, the younger volunteer (they’re mother and daughter) just called me to say she wants to report me for potentially killing a whole heap of wildlife that eat Holly berries. But she’d prefer I dob myself in so they let me off easier. According to the MSDS the chemical I used is non-toxic unless in neat doses doses (not possible). Monsanto wouldn’t lie, right?

Still, this is ridiculous, when is it all going to be over???


Spoke to my boss, she is unhappy that I’m being bullied, says my employers are very happy with my work, that I’m only doing what I’ve been asked to, that I’ve done my best to sort out Council and should still be as I left it unless the women have meddled. She’s going to talk to them and work something out so I can keep working there and not be harassed and apologised. I am sure I’ll sleep better tonight.


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One comment on “More Yuck
  1. kymbo says:

    Bullies are in every trade and everywhere, being a big bloke I tend not to get hassled but when I do i have no problem telling people to F*** right off. It goes against my natural friendly nature but as I got older I got sick of always trying to please everyone..

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