I am in the market for a used car. For a couple of months I’ve been looking at cars online, in person and oggling cars on the road. Now I’m something beyond overwhelmed and confused.

It’s my first car purchase as my current 1996 Lancer coupe was a *free* hand-me-down. Obviously, I want a car that looks shiny, fits everything, economical, runs beautifully, only a few years old, affordable… Yes, I have a budget to help me out. I’m realistically looking at cars aged around 2004. And I live in a hilly place, not all streets have kerbs and a little bit of clearance would be useful. Plus, I’m a wee thing. I do like good visibility and being up high. And I want 5 seats, though most of the time I won’t need that back row. They can be folded down, up or removed if needed.

This car will be used for gardening work. Mostly, I do hand-weeding so I won’t need mountains of tools but if I could fit in hand tools, rakes, brooms, spade, whipper-snipper, bags of mulch, fertiliser and a wheelbarrow for good measure, and if it could tow a light trailer, well, that’d be sweet. I have pretty much crossed a ute off my list. They’re a bit big and it wouldn’t be so useful for my other work.

I’ll also use this car for massage work. I’ll fit in a portable table in, bags of towels, pillows, cd player, oils etc. I’ll need to keep the back seat free of gardening litter or clean out the boot. Image is important here but all I need is something shiny and useful. My two door is NOT practical for mobile massage work. Plus, it’s a bit embarrassing with peeling paint…

These are the types of cars I’m looking at.

Starting with a RAV4 – Quite keen on these, I like the height and Toyota will be easy to service. Plus, they seem to go forever.

RAV4 – Raving marvellous!

Speaking of forever, the Subaru Forester holds its value and would be a good choice.

Go Forester!

I’m less keen on the CR-V but they certainly are a practical vehicle.

“Just call me mum” CR-V

And then I start to wonder if I really need a biggish pretendy-off-road vehicle like these. Could I just use a wagon? Would it be big enough?

Astra anyone?

There are tons of wagons. I don’t need to image them all. I guess I don’t really want a boring old wagon unless it’s…

Impreza Wagon – Impressed?

Or even something really economical and interesting…

Mmmmm, Peugot 307

Or would this be useful?

VW Caddy – I can dream, right?

So that’s where I’m at. Opinions, ideas and useful info for buying a car are welcome.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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3 comments on “Car-O-Sell
  1. kymbo says:

    The Rav is a nice lightweight 4WD and if it fits the bill should be a great car, likewise anything from Subaru or Honda is good. I’d council you against European though, very hight service and parts costs compared to the others.
    Buying a car is a huge investment and daunting to say the least but you’re smart and wont go to far wrong using your common sense.

  2. Tim says:

    Firstly, as you have already note, it MUST be shiny.
    Secondly, if at all possible, make sure you get a red one (they go faster).

    Seriously though, go with the subaru. They are ultra-reliable and extremely well made.
    I have a subaru wagon myself and it is the best car I’ve ever had.

  3. Spiral says:

    Well, I haven’t bought a car yet but I have entered a competition to win a new RAV4. I sent in a video and if I get selected, I get to compete with 4 others for the prize. I find out tomorrow…

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