It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the trouble began.

Last week I started getting tired, losing my appetite and eventually craving and making a mammoth pot of chicken and veggie soup… however, I kept working and was basically fine, if a little subdued.

The sore throat kicked in on Friday, followed later on by the fever. When my throat swelled to the point of struggling to swallow, I could deny it no longer.

I was sick.

Sure, everyone else around me had been off school/work due to sickness. Sure, I’d been complaining for months that I was working too hard, needed to cut back and really wanted some time off…

But me, sick?

They tell me I was grumpy yesterday. Today I’ve been in better spirits either because I can just manage to swallow again or because I’ve mostly lost my voice and can’t whinge.

Sick Calvin

Lessons from Calvin & Hobbs

I’ve taken a few days off work in order to recuperate. I’m resting, taking herbs and vitamins and soup.

Illness is like a meditation; you become all about the here and now.

Right now, that’s in front of a slow combustion fire with blue scarf, tissues, throat lozenges, water and laptop at hand.

I will survive 🙂


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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4 comments on “In-Flu-Endsa-Soon
  1. Tim says:

    Rotten luck. But as you say you will survive. Well – at least you are now forced to have a break. maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

  2. tempo says:

    Sounds like you know how to kill it off Spiral. Like you and seemingly the rest of Australia I’ve got something too although I seem to be getting better now. Take it easy and get well soon

  3. Spiral says:

    Ta, guys. Hope you’re all staying well too.

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