Homing Delight

Mr Connection and one of his young daughters are in the bed next to me. Both asleep, snuggled up together, taking regular breaths. In the low light I can still see they are both wearing their sleep faces.

I like watching people sleep, especially ones I care about. I hope they are having pleasant dreams and resting deeply.

It still amazes me that I have these wonderful people and experiences in my life. And I am about to move out with them. We’ve applied to rent a house. If we don’t get this one, it’s still only a matter of time. Another big step forward.

Life in my current home is unsettled and a bit tense as housemates are changed over and as I prepare to leave. It’s all OK really but I’m ready to move on.

Work is great. I am outdoors three days a week climbing slopes, playing with plants. I’m learning skills and working hard, gathering technique and efficiency along the way. I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can.

Yes, I chose the local, better-paying, more days per week, better references job. I’m settling in and getting used to it. I’m still massaging 2-3 days a week too so I’m keeping out of trouble!

I’m looking forward to being a bit more settled and having more time to play guitar, sing, write, read, garden, relax….

… and spend more time with loved ones!


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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6 comments on “Homing Delight
  1. Sounds like bliss.

    This place is almost ridiculously better than the place I found you in – what was it, two years ago? Amazing this illusion called, “time.” Your whole tone is full of positive influences like acceptance, receptivity, confidence, trust, love – breathtaking, actually.

    Don’t be a stranger. We love to hear such good stuff.

    • Spiral says:

      I am in blyss *nudge nudge wink wink* in a very happy and real way.

      Moments in my everyday or larger pictures can be challenging, confusing, angering, exhausting or just plain hard work. However, they are but moments and in general, I feel empowered and absolutely enjoying the journey I am on. Ups and downs can be kinda fun, especially when the lows don’t last too long. I’m also mega excited to be achieving my goals and setting more. I’m revelling in change. And my mate, Mr Connection is going through a similar process so life is always interesting and blyssful πŸ™‚

  2. Tim says:

    Good to hear.

    I wish you well in your continuing happiness.

  3. tempo says:

    Awesome! It’s great to get such good news and see you so positive and at one with the world again. Isn’t it amazing how things have changed and changed again for you over the last few years?

    • Spiral says:

      My world has certainly changed from the old bigblog days (or even older diaryland days)! It must be interesting for some of you guys who have followed my journey over the years. I feel like I’m finally making adult decisions and growing into the person I want to be πŸ™‚

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