I had been getting used to my new plan. I would work two different jobs and move out, closer to the city, with Mr Connection…

I hadn’t foreseen extra options.

On Saturday morning, a few days after I signed my contract, I woke up, made a cuppa and the phone rang. It was another company asking me to come and work for them. One I’d contacted several times over the last 6 months and they finally have work available. Apparently it has rained so much that they are behind on several jobs and need extra people to get them done. I would have work till the end of the financial year.

So… two jobs to choose from…

Job 1 – Two days a week, 1.5-2 hrs of driving each way, 7am start (4am wake-up), anonymity, they were nice to me/gave me work first, put lots of effort into getting this job, big reputable organisation

Job 2 – Three days a week, up to 1 hr of driving each way, 8am start (6am wake-up), higher rate of pay, I already have friends there, put lots of effort into getting this job, seems too suspiciously easy

I have postponed my start date of Job 1. I meet the boss of Job 2 on Thursday and do some work/trial for them. We suss each other out. We talk.

And then I choose.


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3 comments on “Forks
  1. Job 2. It’s already decided.

  2. tempo says:

    At least you have the two to chose from… I know that just makes it harder but at this point you should be thinking about yourself and what suits you best. If you look at it that way I’m sure (almost) that one will stand out..maybe! Good Luck!

  3. […] I chose the local, better-paying, more days per week, better references job. I’m settling in and […]

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