Just Call Me Awesome

There’s a little box with an option to tick in the WordPress updater for “This post is super-awesome”.

Right now I wish it said, I am super-awesome.

Life is sweeeeeeeeet.

The only bummer is that I’ve not had much time to write. I’m pretty sure I can change that, though and I’m jotting on paper when I’m away from the computer.

I’ve been in the massage job for a few months and I’m enjoying a lot of things about it, if also feeling that it’s not quite enough or right for me. But hey, I still manage to rock at it. My clients are liking me and my work and most days I’m booked out. Often I’m on my feet all day and flat-out with admin stuff in-between treatments. Days go swiftly.

Because of my job success, my income has increased. I’m earning enough to come off government assistance and I’m just doing my final paperwork to end it permanently.

My mainstay work at a day spa has been dwindling. I’ve been cutting back and back and yesterday I resigned. Tomorrow will be the last day that I work there. It’s been a crutch, it’s been like family but staff are not well-treated/respected there and I don’t have the time or inclination to be on-call with no guarantee of work any more.

But wait, there’s more…

Last Thursday I was offered a couple of days of outdoor bush regeneration work. A week before that I went for the job interview. It’s a big reputable organisation that I’ve been in contact with for months and have had the yes, no, maybe run-around but finally they had positions, met me and voila, I got the job!

Yes, I am totally, totally awesome 🙂

So many changes and leaps and bounds.

I am looking for a house to rent with Mr Connection. We are still in love, like and respect, ready to nest together and need to be closer to his current job and to my soon-to-start job.

I still get a bit anxious about changes and uncertainty and dealing with everything but I’m OK with that tendency. It passes and I always manage (and often excel).

My goals are happening, my dreams are coming true.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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6 comments on “Just Call Me Awesome
  1. Hey there, Ms. Super-Awesome! (I thought hyphenated names had gone out of style, but what do I know?) 🙂

    • Spiral says:

      Hi there, Jess. How is 2012 shaping up for you? I do catch your posts in my inbox but have been a bit absent from yours and other friends’ blogs… facebook and email are about all I’ve had time for… but I am interested to know how things are for you?

  2. starzyia says:

    how exciting! lots of fulfilling work to come your way in the future now! And I love that you are in ‘love, like, and respect’ more people need that in their relationships. Well done. so happy for you!

    • Spiral says:

      Hi Starry,

      Thanks for visiting, I’m excited about this year but starting to get a bit nervous about my soon-to-start 4am wake-ups on my bush regen days… 😮

  3. tempo says:

    Good news all round… Loving your work is a big plus in life and having love,like,respect is another. You’ve always worked hard at your careers and your relationships, I think you should look at all this as the fulfillment of what you’ve been working toward for so long. I’m so happy for you 🙂

    • Spiral says:

      There’s a lot more to work towards… like vocations with better pay and regular work (my jobs are all casual)… I will still be living like a student this year but I am following my dreams so I will be happy 😀

      Now off to bed – I’ll get 8 hrs if I head now…

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