My Garden is Good Enough to Use as a Toilet

I am learning how to use a whipper snipper. I’ve been supervised a couple of times but had a go at the back garden this morning all by myself.

Before I 'whipped'

If you look at the photo above, my bedroom window is between the ladder and the downpipe… I’ve been a bit desperate for something more inspiring to look at and have plans to make a fairy garden. The steep sloped backyard faces North and my room is at the bottom there… Cold, damp house! (Yep, I live on a South-facing slope in the Southern Hemisphere 1000m above sea level)

After I 'snipped'

Haven’t trimmed the rose yet but did some tidying, repotting and planted some seeds…

One day this will be a fairy garden...

At least I can now see possibilities!

Whipper snipping success!

Of course, once I let the dogs out, the dominant one inspected my work and did a poo right in the middle of where my fairy garden will be. That’ll teach me to interfere with her garden – yeah, right!

Now I can start to plan my fairy garden!!

P.S. That dead-looking tree is a Large-leaf Privet that I poisoned a month ago. It’s dying and I’ll remove and replace it soon 🙂


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One comment on “My Garden is Good Enough to Use as a Toilet
  1. Kymbo says:

    Thats a lovely yard least it has possibilities. Nice and green, I’m assuming you get a fair amount of rain up there and dont have to water much.
    I’ll bet your dogs love this yard, lots to explore and lots to dig up.. LOL

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