Spring is the time for a bit of this and that

I got that casual job I applied for. The boss had decided to hire me before we even met. She’d had two references from mutual colleagues and we’d spoken on the phone several times and had already established a bond/relationship. It’s good… but I’m not elated or even that enthusiastic. I’m not much attracted to massage work anymore. It’s old hat.

On the other hand, I’ve applied for a Traineeship on council and am overjoyed at the process, the daydreaming, the nightdreaming, the concept, the everything… whether I get the position on not, I’m absolutely getting closer to where my heart wants to be.

However, I do really want the job!

* * *

I’m spending more time with my boyfriend’s children and I feel pretty unprepared to ‘parent’/be the adult in charge. I don’t know how to break up arguments about one playing unfairly or getting grumpy or other childhood disputes. I don’t want to take sides but encourage them to work it out… or learn some other techniques and haven’t really developed any skills for doing so.

Although, I’m starting to ask the kids to help or ‘no, I don’t want you to have a [shopping centre] ride’ or ‘have you packed a hat?’ It’s weird but not quite so uncomfortable (I’ve been the practical one with boyfriends for years!)

Tips on being the newcomer to children and parenting?

* * *

I joined Free Cycle. Great organisation!

* * *

I want to move out with Mr Connection. Once I get more income or job stability, I think it will happen. He would need to move out from where he is now too. It will be lovely to create a little love nest and I’m making steps to make it happen.


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3 comments on “Spring is the time for a bit of this and that
  1. kymbo says:

    Oh, I don’t think anyone is truly prepared for children.. and if you work out how to get them to do what you want then you should write a book and make a million.
    It’s great that you got the work and the fact that you want to move on from massage is not unusual, lots of people do the training for whatever they want to do then move on to do something completely different.. including me.

  2. Tom Rubenoff says:

    Children are simply people with less experience and more sensory processing ability and imagination. They think faster but have fewer facts to retrieve. They generally respond to respect with respect, but are often prepared to be breathtakingly creative when it comes to outsmarting adults. The best tools in the parents’ toolbox – patience, compassion and a sense of humor.

  3. […] a while ago I had a job interview and they thought I was great and asked when I could start? Well, two weeks ago I started my new […]

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