Wednesday Woes Part 1

I made a My Mandorla facebook page. Not really sure why but definitely go and like my blog! 😉

Um, didn’t get much sleep last night. Mr Connection stayed over and I may have been overstimulated having him in my bed. I enjoyed being able to hug him as he slept peacefully. Mostly I was thinking and dreaming about jobs. Jobs, career, money and home have been on my brain lately. Eventually I did get a little sleep and was dreaming about getting a traineeship. I’ve been awake again since 3am and am putting together my application for the position.

I have a job interview on Friday. I’m feeling a little nervous but not too much. I’m more concerned about the travel to the job and that it’s casual massage work. I don’t really want more casual massage work but the boss seems nice and I need something.

My health is pretty good. Been stepping up my exercise intensity and getting fitter. I’ll be off for a walk this morning after I take my car to the auto electrician because…

My headlights stopped working. The car is also losing water and I only had it worked on recently…. Rego is due at Christmas… my car is starting to cost me money! 😦 And I need to sit the test for my full licence – great but another cost.

Money – aaarrggghhh!  I’ve just paid my yearly massage insurances etc so the savings cupboard is bare plus I haven’t had that much work. I am being proactive, doing what I can to make some changes and gain employment. And winning the traineeship would be excellent…

I went out to the country last week for a few days. A distant inlaw ended his life and I went to the funeral to offer support. He was younger than me and has three young children and it was sad.

More later…


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2 comments on “Wednesday Woes Part 1
  1. Money, indeed. Funny how we let something with no intrinsic value have such an impact on our lives. One guy says money = appreciation. A different concept it is to work for appreciation or to give appreciation for food, shelter, or the odd luxury, no?

  2. Spiral says:

    Got the job… two and a half hour interview… chatting… demo massage… more chatting… was briefly excited but not so much now… either I’m tired or want a change of career…

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