Winter Solstice

It’s very boring to write about being busy. Fortunately I haven’t had the time to do so. If I find myself with a minute to spare, I scratch my arse.  It’s the important things….

This is the last week of my course and I’m still deciding what to do next. I have a few ideas up my sleeve and am refining them as possibilities open and close. I am not planning to go away in my holidays. I  need a few days at home to organise, declutter and do all my figuring out of stuff.

My relationship is going strong. Three months with Mr Connection. We’ve just spent a week together housesitting for one of my friends. Of course we both had one of the busiest weeks of the year but were able to spend evenings together cooking and snuggling. We did get to catch up on our talks, though not our sleep. When I got back home last night I crashed out for over 12 hrs. Domestic bliss is exhausting  😮

It will be interesting to see how things change between us after we finish studying. We’ve become very involved in each others lives outside of college which will help the transition.

However, there is one hiccup looming. You all know I want kids, right? He doesn’t want any more. It’s not completely out of the question but less likely than likely. We’ve both been honest with each other from the start and decided to start a relationship anyway. I completely understand his reasons for not wanting more, he understands me wanting to have children.

Things are lovely at the moment and we may not have a future together.

Moving on, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit me for a day. I took them bushwalking and showed them some plants I’d learnt. So great to see my little brother enjoying life and to see the man he’s becoming. I speak with my sisters and parents often too. I keep in the loop with all my family.

And I’ve been socialising. I’ve become ever so slightly more social, what with being in a share house and surrounded by lovely people and building my confidence. I find I’m spending less time alone and still thriving. I just need to get into meditation again to feel more balanced.

Bedtime xo


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3 comments on “Winter Solstice
  1. Don’t hesitate
    To meditate


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  3. starzyia says:

    Hi, long time no speak. Sounds like you have at least more than one possible opportunity for the future which is always nice. Glad things with Mr Connection are going along happily. I can’t help saying that its easier for someone to cope with having an extra kid than for someone to cope with not having any, ever. But you will know as life unfolds what to do and when to do it.
    happy winter wonderland to you xoxox Starry

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