*Gush Alert*

I feel the need to gush.

I’m enjoying Mr Connection so much.

My recent doubts when I travelled – which I voiced to him – have transformed into something more positive. I’ve especially noticed that in my last lot of travels I felt his absence… but also his presence with me. And it felt lovely.

I have a case of the warm and fuzzies.

Our relationship is not perfect. We can still be awkward (in an easy comfortable way). We are still learning each other’s languages. Still working out how to spend time together and how to be physically intimate. We still have very separate lives apart from our time together (but are very slowly including each other more and dabbling with thoughts of future possibilities).

There are unknowns.

But hey, we’ve only been dating about six weeks and these are the early lovey-dovey days of the relationship. I am going to damn well enjoy them! Especially when I am. And I am I am I am enjoying… him…. us… all…So. Much.

It just seems crazy to nurture negative thoughts or needless concerns.

Oh don’t worry guys, I’m still cautious (I am a Capricorn, after all). He is also cautious and has other beings to consider. We seem able to talk about everything or at least allow whatever is on our minds to come out. We have so much openness and honesty and trust and love.

And I’m going to enjoy myself while everything feels great. I’ll worry about the not-great only if it happens.

Feeling very thankful for Mr Connection.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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