Back to Basics

I’m back from all my adventures 🙂

I have lots of housework and assignments and errands and odds and ends to do but first I’ll recap.

First I had three days with Mr Connection. We stayed in a cabin and enjoyed each other, nature and being all domestic. It felt comfortable and weird all at once. We’re still getting used to each other so it felt like jumping in at the deep end to go away together. But since we both live with others, we really needed the privacy and being in neutral territory. We had lots of adventures, fun and relaxing. And it was easy to spend time together. I haven’t spent time with someone easygoing in… um, ever?

So I came home, re-packed and left the next day to get to mum’s. Seven hours later I was there and just in time for dinner! I had four days there before driving back. The time went really fast. I did errands, exercise, continuing education for work, socialising, eating, cooking and a bit of chilling.

The drive back was another adventure. I stopped at my grandfather’s for lunch. He’s 87 and fit as a fiddle. He cooked me lunch and took me for a drive around the town. Then I stopped in at my youngest sister’s place for dinner. Lovely to see her too. I decided to continue driving the rest of the way home instead of staying the night.

So in the morning I packed a little, went for a run and then went to work for 5 hours. It was a bit crazy but money is good and I would need it for the next leg of my journey. The next stop was a festival the choir were performing at. I arranged a carpool but had a 2 hr drive to get there. Mr Connection got me there and even got up at 6am in order to do so – such a sweetie and giver.

The festival was great! I decided to take it easy, do the performances, see a few things but to rest and do what I needed to look after myself. I often get run down when I’m busy, even if it’s all fun. I had free entry anyway so I didn’t party too hard. I sang beautifully. I got  some good sleep – thank god for ear-plugs – and had a really fun time. Got a lift all the way home this time too – yay!

So now I need to unpack and organise the chaos that is my bedroom after my quick stopovers. And get stuck into my assignments.

But it’s all good. I can kinda rest now. And I’m bonded with choir, family and Mr Connection.

Life is good 🙂


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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2 comments on “Back to Basics
  1. Sometimes you make me smile – Ode’ For The Grace of God there Went I; Sometimes you make me tear up – Ode’ to Remembrances Past. Today I am smiling 🙂

  2. Spiral says:

    Thank you so much for your smiles, Mary-Louise!

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