Reflect Effect

Worries in Wonderland.

I’ve had a whirlwind month with Mr Connection but that’s been enough time to accumulate some doubts and concerns.

I’ve driven 500 kilometres to spend some time with mum, get away and gain some new perspective on a lot of things.

I’m going to meditate and think and give Mr Connection a call and share my concerns… as the moon comes full cycle…


I also need to make some decisions about further study this year, work, career, recreation time and ja, a lot on my mind.

Perfect time to reflect.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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4 comments on “Reflect Effect
  1. kymbo says:

    Oh well at least you feel ok about talking over your doubts and concerns Spiral. It’s quite normal to have doubts about any relationship.. but new ones especially! You dont know yet but your doubts and worries may be swept away by stronger and more meaningful feelings, either way it’s great that you feel prepared to take the chance with love again..

    • Spiral says:

      Geez Kymbo, you are keeping me busy on facebook!

      Didn’t end up talking with Mr Connection, will try tomorrow. Meditation is helping me work out how I feel though and we’re still keeping contact. Meanwhile, I’m catching up on heaps of errands and chores and stuff at mum’s. Amazing how I can do all that from another part of the state and feel at home!

  2. Retail Robot says:

    Don’t forget that Mercury is in retrograde right now! I think it’s making everything in everyone’s lives a bit weird at the moment.

    One thing I learned: if you have a hunch about someone/something or doubts and concerns, always listen to them because you have picked up on them for a reason.

    I always read your blog but forget to comment ^^ *waves*

    • Spiral says:

      Thanks for commenting and always reading 🙂

      Oh, I know all about Mercury retrograde. It’s also a full moon which tends to set me off. And I’m premenstrual. I’ll be camping when it’s my time of the month – yay, got that to look forward to.

      I like your thoughts. Gut instincts, doubts, hunches need to be acknowledged, explored and perhaps shared. It’s always better when I follow my heart/gut/instincts!

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