Easter Holidays

Tech College is on holidays for three weeks. My plans include a wee bit of work and a LOT of travel. Also a LOT of assignments.

Saw my brother yesterday. He looks so good, getting stronger all the time. And we talked for hours. He’s such a lovely person, I found myself learning from him. So good to deepen our relationship and get to know him better. We had lunch, went for a walk and had ice-cream. I got to see his flat and even met his girlfriend for a moment. I had a really lovely day.

Today is housework day, doing all my washing and organising before Tuesday. Also got people to catch up with. There’s really so much going on. Work has moved and re-opens tomorrow in the new premises and I’m working so will need to be there early to work out all the newness. I have been inducted and had several tours but I know that it will take a while to get the place running smoothly and am expecting minor hiccups.

I’m going away for a few days next week with Mr Connection. I come back and head up to see mum (and others along the way) for a week, coming back to repack then going away with my choir over Easter. I’ll be on the move for two weeks. After that I’ll have 6 days back at home to work, recover, do whatever before school starts again. It will be full-on but I’m really looking forward to these adventures!

I do feel like things are moving fast with Mr Connection. I’m a bit dazed but enjoying every minute. It’s interesting that I don’t long for him when we spend days apart. I think of him and hope he’s having a nice time but I have been feeling a bit saturated by our time together. Yet when we are together we are very comfortable and don’t want it to end. Perhaps that explains the saturated feeling; we each have very separate and full lives that we go back to. We’re not in a hurry to integrate and merge those lives so there is some slowness. It’s just our time alone together that seems to be fast-moving.

I do feel a bit indifferent in some ways though and hoping that’s not a negative sign. Hoping it’s a sign that I am not needy or desperate and just going with the flow. Or could be that I feel a bit numbed/dazed by it all. It’s OK, I’ll work it out as I go.

Gots to go again. Too many things to do today!


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