That man I’ve been crushing on who is totally wrong for me? He said he does really like me a lot but just wants to stay friends.

He said this after he misunderstood a joke I made. After we hung out all day together. After he invited me for a drink last week. After he asked me shopping a few weeks ago so we can see how we get along. After cornering me alone frequently to talk about stuff. After texting me, emailing me, facebooking me, and calling me all the time. On top of being a touchy-feely flirty Scorpio.


Looks harmless, right?

I wanted us to just be friends too.

I know I deserve someone who’s right for me.

I just wanted to stop crushing on him first.

This helps.

[P.S. Full Moon this morning and astrological new year – perfect time to be doing some big letting go. Ouch.]


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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5 comments on “Sting
  1. Looks to me like he has a really small stinger. Kinda cute, otherwise.

    It does hurt a little to be rejected even by someone you don’t really want. I used to want to run after them. “What do you mean you don’t want me?”

    Sometimes it’s good just to rewind stuff like that and make up a little story. “So I told her I just wanted to be friends.” Now it doesn’t hurt anymore because I was in control.

    Which, in fact, I was. 🙂

  2. That little f_cker! Squash him like the bug he is.
    Butterfly kisses

  3. artistsblog says:

    Those Scorpions can be all tough shell on the outside, all soft and squishy on the inside. The pointy end is sometimes not the most dangerous end…

    Full Moon – great for cleansing all your materials, tools, and jewellery that absorb all that negative energy. I often put out my paintbrushes, rings & necklaces, anything that someone has borrowed, or stuff that I have obtained second hand. Out all night under the moonbeams, but I’m careful to gather them up before the sun’s rays strike them. Not so easy on a hardcore weekend!

    Was wondering about the post below – do I need a special password? Or is that post for some eyes only?

    • Spiral says:

      Good tip about Scorpions. Lots more to ’em. That was a VERY powerful moon – an equinox. Good for letting go and creating balance.

      I’ll email you the password.

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