Purify Me

Woah baby – what a rollercoaster ride 😮

About three weeks ago I decided it was time to get a move on and release some emotional baggage. I bought some Australian Bush Flower Essences – Purifying Essence, to be exact.

Three days into taking the drops, the Universe started sending trials and tribulations my way. I was having issues with everyone and they were having issues with me.

I cried. I talked. I wept.

The wonderful thing is that, although things were tough for a little while, the issues all seemed to be resolved.

I’m close to finishing the bottle. I feel like I’ve had a good cleansing but am open to another wave of release.

And uh, about the potential romance? Nup, gonna be friends. Without talking about it, I’m certain we’ve both been assessing each other and it seems we’ve come to the same conclusion that it’s a no-goer. I’m not disappointed, it feels right and exciting to have a new friend.

I have a few new school friends actually. Hanging out with the boys enjoying a beer cider sometimes after class, carpooling, laughing and singing out in the bush. It’s quite an intimate little class and tons of fun.

I still have people I haven’t yet caught up with since I’ve returned and just finding it so hard to find time to see them.

Perhaps I need to have a big party, invite them all and leave it at that?

You’re all invited 😀


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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7 comments on “Purify Me
  1. I was surprised how powerful these essences are! Every time I take the drops my life completely changes or I get sick (healing crises)!

  2. Reading this I am learning and growing. Soon, perhaps, I will be cleansing, too. Funny how conflict often brings harmony in its wake. One just has to wait.

  3. magsx2 says:

    Hi Spiral,
    It’s great when we can resolve issues rather than leave them hanging so to speak, it cleans the air I feel.

  4. Spiral says:

    D’oh, I’m getting my next wave of release…


  5. […] Spiral| Leave a comment Last month I took Purify/Releasing Emotional Baggage essence. Within days all kinds of emotional stuff took place and kept taking place for […]

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