Living in Smile-A-Lot

I’m happy and less inclined to write. I’m enjoying my studies. One man in my class calls me Smiley. I like smiling. Such a change from the last few months, years or even longer. I don’t think I’ve smiled this much ever!

Wednesdays are outdoors. This week we were weeding the college grounds, treating and removing Broom and Blackberry. It was fun! It’s a small class of six and we all get along and work well together. Plus we didn’t really do much work. We had the good fortune to come across three venomous snakes but weren’t able to identify them (possibly Red-Bellied Black or Copperhead). One man accidentally stepped on one and it reared up and threatened him/us. We backed away…

Jelly and Copperhead (

[Edit: I got curious and found more of the cat/snake story here.]

Jelly the cat had been bitten by this Copperhead Snake after attacking/playing with it. Her eyes are dopey from the venom. Fortunately her owners got a wildlife team to assist. The snake had been bitten by the cat and both animals survived with treatment. Cats do a lot of damage to the native wildlife. It’s not their fault – they are just being cats – but they’re not suitable pets for rural areas or need to be kept indoors most of the time.

I like snakes (I’m year of the Snake). That was the first time I’ve seen one act defensively. Usually they just get out of the way.

We had a house inspection yesterday and only a day’s notice – eek! It’s a private owner/landlord and we get a pretty good deal (cheap rent!) so we all complied. Plus the owner was bringing us a new oven. An oven that works. We were all excited and tidied up a bit in preparation. I was out snake spotting so two of the others did most of the cleaning. Can’t complain!

I feel I’m settling into my new routine. I know I’m going to have a lot of fun in the next few months. I love what I’m learning and will either continue studying at college, go to university or get some work in bush regeneration. Or perhaps all three. I’m not giving up massage. It’s still funding me but it’s definitely less of a priority at the moment.

My leg has healed. Staying off it was all that I needed. I’ve started going on long walks and will ease into running. I haven’t run in almost two months and am feeling pretty unfit. I’m saving up for new running shoes cos my old ones are pretty shabby. I’m realising it’s worth having quality footwear to prevent injury. And I’m letting go of my worn-out crocs… doing more harm than good…

I’ve been trying to ease into a diet of avoiding grains and finding it really tough. I’m using up carbs in my cupboard or giving things away to housemates. My digestion hasn’t been great and I really need to improve it. I’ve got a couple of books with information and recipes. I’ll be able to write more once I’ve read them and seriously into my new eating plan.

All pretty good, finding a nice balance…

So I’m going to smile my way into the kitchen and enjoy a late supper. See you next time…

🙂 Smiles from Smiley 🙂


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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3 comments on “Living in Smile-A-Lot
  1. kymbo says:

    A very positive post Spiral, so glad things are going so well for you and a lifetime away from just a few months ago when worry was your main theme.
    I’m OK with snakes but since virtually every snake here is dangerous I tend to just leave them alone. I sometimes see them riding the Yamaha in the scrub but theyre always going the other way, as you suggest they very rarely do anything except leave when the see humans. The speed of the Yammy catches them unawares, Ive had one (that I almost ran over) rear up as I went past..but it missed! Youre brave having anything to do with Red Bellies or Copperheads…

  2. You sound fantastic. Keep up the good work!

    I love snakes myself. I used to like to pick them up when my artist was drawing me as a child, but now I am content to see them. They are fascinating and beautiful, too, in their uniqueness…

  3. artistsblog says:

    Yes you do sound happy. Content too. Smile away!

    You know my history with snakes (and the VERY lucky cat that escaped being eaten), so enough of THAT subject.

    Sounds great about the bush regen. My husband has done a lot of work in that field – esp growing native indigenous to a particular area. I used to be part of the Mt Henry Penisular regen group – so rewarding on so many levels, and great exercise to boot! Love to see some pictures of your work.

    Sending you happy healing foot thoughts…



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