Just another up and down Christmas

On Christmas Day my brother had another complication and set back and was rushed into the operating theatre but for various reasons they need to operate again tomorrow.

So my Christmas was pretty suckful and worse for my brother.

Santa's contribution to Global Warming

There were lots of tears and hugs and time spent at the hospital and somehow we managed to eat some Christmas lunch and open a few pressies. Then it was back to the hospital again today before driving home.

Then tonight after all that, I had my (recent) ex-boyfriend over for dinner and we did some heavy talking and the same challenges were there, although in a way it felt right to be talking.

It was probably not a great idea to add ex stress on top of family drama but I will survive.

I work tomorrow and then have 12 days off. I was planning to go away to a hippy festival over New Year and let my hair down but now I’m waiting to make a decision.

We did have some happy news, although it was overshadowed by my brother’s illness and will need to be celebrated and honoured properly at a later stage; my sister and her partner are now engaged (TMI – I’m the eldest of four and only one boy in the mix).

Life is full of ups and downs but it seems harder on days associated with fun, giving and family.

I sincerely hope your Christmas was better than mine.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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4 comments on “Just another up and down Christmas
  1. I will not throw platitudes or try to comfort you with things you already know. I will say that you are doing some very good work here, on earth, and that I greatly value your presence. Blessing you as would Buddha, “May you feel safe, may you feel strong, may you feel happy, and may your life unfold with ease.”


    • Spiral says:

      Thank you, Jess. I’ve been looking back at your blog, discovering how clever it is and getting more out of your posts.

      Things happen and feel somewhere on a scale of good and bad and I am (yes, I know html too ;)) allowing them to unfold more easily. The emotional dance is really quite beautiful and I simply let myself feel fear, anger, despair, frustration around my brother’s illness and yet be calmed by stopping to put my feet in the earth at my favourite lake or a moment of excitement at my first Random Breath Test. It was a liberating moment to realise that I had no shame in crying openly in front of family as the news worsened. It felt very healthy for me and I have hope that it helps educate my elders that it’s OK to share happy and sad emotions, that it’s not a sign of weakness, rather a sign of being human.

      Spiral (always at work)

  2. magsx2 says:

    Sorry to hear that your Brother is not doing well. It may not of been a good Xmas for you, but I hope things will get a lot better not only for you, but your brother as well in 2011.

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