Summer Solstice Full Moon Eclipse

How about the moon last night, eh?

Summer Solstice, a full moon and an eclipse all on the same night!

I went to a Summer Solstice party-gathering. We ate, drank, were merry and then performed some intuitive full moon rituals with meditation, chanting, toning, praying and whatever we felt like. I had a one-on-one inner goddess guided meditation and did some more grieving and letting go of my last relationship… felt kinda strange and right.

What I’m letting go of:

  • any feelings of being a victim
  • my fantasy/image of what my relationship with MM could have been
  • having children and a home with MM
  • pain, grief, anger, sadness etc.
  • MM

What I’m bringing in:

  • self-empowerment
  • choice
  • allowing myself to receive blessings/gifts that are on offer

Letting go...


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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2 comments on “Summer Solstice Full Moon Eclipse
  1. I like your choices, and jealous of the self employment. Every cartoon fantasizes about escaping their cartoonist, but, as a cartoon, unless someone draws you, you’re done. The best we can hope for is that our personality will influence our artist – that our hopes and dreams with cause the pen to draw us in happier shades, in new light. Good journey. 🙂

  2. Kymbo says:

    As always when theres something worth seeing in the night sky..we had a cloudy night..

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