Feeling Chilled

I woke up this morning to a chilly 4°C morning. With windchill it feels like -2°C. It’s Summer but I do live approximately 1000 metres above sea level; it’s not uncommon to get cold snaps and sometimes snowflakes at any time of year.

In spite of this, I am doing my washing – it will dry in this wind in no time! And surprisingly, the sun is out. [Left to make warm drinks and hang out my washing and the day has turned grey and overcast – I jinxed it :(]

My Work Christmas Party was fun and my costume was a hit.

I’m off to make Christmas cards now. Only about 30 to go – yikes!


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7 comments on “Feeling Chilled
  1. Ah, the headlong rush to the holiday. Enjoy, traveler.

  2. kymbo says:

    Hey Spiral, very nice costume, i’m so happy you chose not to go as a whoopie cussion. Your choice was way better! I’m just 6metres above sea level here and it’s just the levee bank that prevents the sea coming to see me now and then. This time of the year it’s usually well above 40 here, today it’s just 23..Ahh, so nice!

  3. magsx2 says:

    Hi Spiral,
    Yes it seems to be cooler in a lot of places this year, it is nice for a change. I have finished all my Xmas cards, and Xmas shopping, just have to pick up a few fresh vegs and fruit that I will get on Xmas Eve. All presents are wrapped and will be dropped off to different friends and family during the week. Yes it is always busy this time of year, but still I love Xmas.

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