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I had time to start making some Christmas/Thank You cards today. I’m sending them out to all the people who’ve really been there for me this year. First one sent, only 30 more to make and send… 😮

Been doing end of year farewells, catch-ups, lunches, dinners. I’m running once or twice a week and lots of walking in an effort to not gain weight. Mind you, I do that anyway. Still, it’s a bit unfortunate having all the overindulging over Summer!

I’m still visiting my brother once a week. He’s not improving or it’s not apparent and the doctors are constantly debating whether to remove his diseased intestines or allow more time. Meanwhile, he’s feeling pretty hopeless and unhappy and in a lot of pain. Still, he seems to get something out of my visits. I caught all the peak hour traffic last Friday and spent about 6 hours in my car. I got sunburnt and a wee bit grumpy.

My sex drive has returned with a pestering persistence and I find myself thinking about dating casually. I’m getting the urge to call up those that have shown some interest and wondering if that’s a bit desperate. You see, perhaps it would be a better idea to find someone I’m interested in, not just agree to dates because my ego likes the attention. That also may mean that I need to do some pursuing.


What's behind the mask???

I’m trying to listen to my intuition around romance, dating, relationships and pretty much everything. Perhaps it’s even OK to wait and be clearer about what I want.

It’s my work Christmas Party this Sunday. The theme is to come as your favourite creative inspiration. Any ideas?

Two years ago we all had to wear a mask or wear face paint. It was fun. Lots of my lovely colleagues, some drinkies and belly dancers.

Good night.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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3 comments on “Create your own…
  1. Naturally I would love to assist you any way I can 😉 but you have the key already – clearer about what you want is where you will find it, I think.

    I wish your brother the best: if not a full recovery then a respite from suffering.

  2. Spiral says:

    My brother is having surgery tomorrow and I feel very sad. He’s only in his mid twenties and having your colon removed is a pretty big deal. But he’s on his own healing path and he feels relieved at the thought of an end in sight. He has more faith than I do in conventional medicine.

  3. Kymbo says:

    Hi Spiral…6hrs in traffic? If I spend 6 hours in my car Im used to traveling nearly 600km. ..not much traffic out here. You’d just about need to take drinks and lunch with that kind of time frame.
    I hope it goes well for your brother. Of course its a serious operation but even if he has to have the bag for the rest of his life at least he will be well and able to go back to a good and productive life.
    Are you going to post a pic of your costume for Sunday night? 🙂

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