Thankful Thursday (belated long overdue edition)

So many many things happening! It’s all movement, all OK.

Thank you for the music!

1. Played a few tunes for my brother yesterday. He’s been moved back to a ward so I had an audience of about six people. My thankfulness comes from how my bro actually really appreciated and enjoyed my effort and how much I enjoyed sharing with him.

2. Have been receiving many great compliments. Appreciating my friendship, skills, love and on my looks. Thank you!

3. A two year old boy called me mum today. He has two mums and we realised that his little brain thinks all adult females are called mum. My friends were slightly upset and amused but it’s lovely that he’s warming to me anyway and that I had a play with all three of them 🙂


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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2 comments on “Thankful Thursday (belated long overdue edition)
  1. Kymbo says:

    As a baby I was very badly injured, as a result of being weak for long after, I grew up around my older sisters, aunts and grandmother. I never really fitted in with the strong men in the fam..the brothers, brothers in law etc. If anything it’s given me an insight into women (whom I much prefer) and helped me in so many ways. I’m all for children having many female role models as it helps them develop a much more balanced, more gentle, caring and understanding nature.
    I’m happy to see life is treating you well Spiral…and grateful to see you treating yourself well too.

  2. Spiral says:

    Glad to hear that you appreciated being around women.

    There are lots of same sex parents in my area, though mostly women. It’s easier for women to have babies since there are so many ways they can get pregnant. I’m sure the little boy will have male role models over the years too.

    I am doing pretty well. I’ve even started looking at Uni degrees… next step to narrow it down and actually choose something…

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