Full Moonday

  • My brother got moved to ICU last week. He’s still there. Today was a particularly bad day, yesterday was a better day. There are more restrictions for visitors around handwashing and numbers of people. I may swap around some shifts and visit him during the week. I’ll just see how he feels. I’m feeling quite teary today. Also, I’m PMSing and more emotional.
  • Speaking of which, since I broke up with MM, for three menstrual cycles I’ve been in sync with the full moon. It’s pretty remarkable as I’ve generally had a 31-ish day cycle for about the last 15 years with most fluctuations towards being late.
  • One of the toilets keeps getting blocked in our home. I’m told the plumber is coming on Wednesday and I hope so because the other two women in the house also seem to be due soon. I expect we’ll all be in sync in another month or two. Fun times ahead!
  • My work uniform is more of a costume. People stare and sometimes I don’t mind but sometimes it’s a bit unnerving. I still need to look for a second job but have been a bit distracted by other things.
  • Survived a (distant) family 80th where most of the guests were involved in a Christian cult organisation. The scary bring-Jesus-into-every-conversation kind. They kept asking me about my brother all afternoon so at least there will be many people praying for him. I ate too much food and managed to dodge all attempts to set me up. The best part of the day was spending some time with my grandfather.
  • Had a good choir gig. The crowd was very receptive and I enjoyed remembering the old songs. Got to dance, too! 🙂 So tell me – when I was starting to say farewells to the group, one man (that I’ve only met once before) expressed a desire that he’d like to know me and asked when he’d see me next, and his tone of voice didn’t change as if he was just talking about his day and yes, others were in earshot, but, well, was he flirting?
  • I was always scared of reverse parallel parking, even up until recently, but after a couple of weekends in the big smoke, I have discovered I can expertly park in teeny tiny car spaces, even with the pressure of other cars waiting. It seems if you want the park badly enough you will do whatever it takes to get it. And I can negotiate inner and outer city mayhem on my own. I now feel like a fully fledged driver.

Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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One comment on “Full Moonday
  1. My thoughts are with your brother for a full recovery and ease of suffering, as they are with my sister.

    In the summers I have 3 women in my house. I take it for granted that at some point during the month I will have to flee for my life.

    All the best,
    Jess Killmenow

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