Thankful Thursday #18 (I’m a little Teapot)

1. Many thank yous to the hospital staff caring for my brother and also the well wishes, prayers and thoughts of others. I saw him three times last weekend, brought him some crystals and asked him to hold them or leave them out. He’s pretty blokey and not into new-age stuff but doesn’t seem to mind them.

2. Thanking my employer. My boss tells me frequently how much she loves me and is happy I’m back. She was also a client today and I feel I helped her. I’m also happy to have a whole three days off in a row so I can go see my brother again, perform with my choir (yes, I went back) and go to a party. I may even do some cleaning and chores!

3. I found this print on a greeting card today and had to buy it for myself. I just love that this is how I can and do picture myself!

"The Tea Lady" by Lindy Longhurst

P.S. I drank two cups of tea while putting this post together.

P.P.S. The teapot charm earrings I bought from Starry are ALWAYS commented on for how cute they are and how much they suit me!


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6 comments on “Thankful Thursday #18 (I’m a little Teapot)
  1. bendedspoon says:

    great to stumble upon somebody
    who knows how to care and honor
    for oneself.

  2. Kymbo says:

    Hello and best wishes to you and your brother Spiral. It seems the people you left behind when you moved away love you dearly and missed you heaps. Cherish them..and cherish life.

  3. Starry says:

    I love Lindy art! Also, love hearing how your earrings are making you happy and getting comments. I love tea! Made my first iced tea for the season yesterday… so hot here, hot tea is still my fave, but ice is nice!
    I think its a sign of love and respect that your blokey bro accepts and likes the crystals. My very best wishes to the both of you xoxox Starry

    • Spiral says:

      Hi Starry, I’ve just discovered Lindy has an etsy too. It’s gone cold and rainy again here. The high(ish) altitude just makes it so much more variable. See ya round the tracks xo

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