The Good Old Days

My creative writing group homework topic for this week was “The Good Old Days”. In between moving out, moving in, working and all types of craziness, I managed to put together a draft to share with the class. The framework and a few ideas are there. I had some good feedback and out of the 12 of us, I was the only one who approached the topic this way. After sharing two pieces of writing, the class are forming a picture of who I am. And I of them. Sharing writing is intimite and challenging and very rewarding.

The Good Old Days

What were the good old days?
Were they the years of my last relationship when I was dreaming of home, heart and family?
Were they the relationship before that when I was learning about romantic love and acceptance, finding my way as an adult?
Were they when I was in my late teens – chronically ill, chronically lacking direction and zest for life?
Perhaps they were my high school years when I tried on different personalities and daydreamed of the future?
Could they have been my primary school years when the family moved and started afresh every year?
Or my early childhood years when all the world was play?
Were they before my time; those idyllic pictures of generations past?
Were they before the time of man?
Before even the Universe existed?

Or are they less linear –
My years as a gymnast tumbling and soaring through space
The harmonies of music, singing and dancing
Laughs with friends
Achieving goals
Thoroughly enjoying a good book
Moments of synchronicity
The perfection of life

I simply cannot distinguish one particular day or set of days that are better or older than others.

I would not be here without the good, bad, old and new days

I am here now
And I am happy

by Spiral © 2010


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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2 comments on “The Good Old Days
  1. Kymbo says:

    Thats great…and so very true for most of us Spiral. The good old days?! often talked about and seldom understood I think. A beautiful piece Spiral, thought provoking.

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