reality show dream


I wandered into a reality tv show and somehow was able to enter the competition. It was a bit like modelling and I kept winning and got into the final where there were about 8 women taking part. In the final, I was putting on a fancy black dress and black and white accessories. We were going to be judged on the accessories/clothes? I thought I looked pretty good! I was pretty amazed to be there considering I’m short and not skinny. Some lady seemed to be expecting me to stuff up but was surprised at my final choices. There were crowds and I was walking through barriers and on red carpet and people were cheering.

I realised that I hadn’t been taking it very seriously and because I don’t have a television (or watch it) I didn’t know where I ranked and what the public thought of me. Suddenly I decided they loved me and that I would have fans and friends there and that I was going to not take the whole things seriously and just have fun and enjoy being on stage. I was all ready to go out and have fun.

Then there was some problem with my entry form and enrolment and I remembered I’d kinda snuck into the competition and they would probably find out! I wasn’t really worried but thought it was typical of me and I may in a bit of trouble. Very familiar feeling!

In another somwhat related part of the dream, someone was given a snake as a gift. It got a way and we were aware of it being loose and that we may come across it and that we wanted to find it. Before the barrage of snakes arrived.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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