Helloooooo to new readers!

It’s strange-funny to have been Freshly Pressed.

Initially the blog was all secret. But I noticed FP, studied the formula and thought, Hmmm, that’s something to aim for, I don’t need to be so private, I can do that. My posts got a bit contrived. Then the break up happened, chaos ensued and I haven’t been concerned with blog traffic.

I’ve been discovering my blog voice and really enjoying writing for myself and a handful of reader-friends. Haphazardly. Irregularly. Cos, y’know I’m currently in a huge transition period.

For those wanting me to have that coffee with the ex lover, it won’t be happening in the immediate future. I am really needing to have a good long talk with him. In 2011. Spending any time with him now will bring up all the issues from that relationship and possibly be a distraction. My top priority is to grieve, heal and move on from my recent relationship with Mandorla Man (I need a new name for him – any suggestions?).

Most importantly, it is time to focus on me.

So check back in a few months for the follow-up to the ex lover.

And many thanks for all the sweet comments, likes, views, subscriptions and post love.

Mwah x


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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3 comments on “Ex-Pressed
  1. Kymbo says:

    Your blog can be a tool for healing to Spiral, it helps to get your thoughts out there and it even helps to hear what others think about the things you are going through. You might get some useful tips, ideas or thoughts from people who have suffered thus. (and who hasnt suffered thus?)

  2. magsx2 says:

    Hi Spiral,
    Break ups can be hard, but believe me sometimes it’s all for the best, and then all of a sudden you see the light at the end of the tunnel and there’s no going back only forward into the future.

    Sorry I haven’t any suggestions for you on another name for the ex. But I’m sure someone will came up with something great.

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