one week

one week

an unexpected phone call
somehow in 15 mins
you tell me I have a letter
and you don’t foresee us getting back together

I’ve been so busy
with other people
or organising myself
but now feel hurt all over again


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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5 comments on “one week
  1. Z says:

    “you don’t foresee us getting back together”
    did you really expect to get back? That I can’t understand.
    but stay strong

    • Spiral says:

      In the weeks before I left it was almost like he was twisting it around saying he only wanted time apart, that it was me who wanted to break up. He kept asking for sex and said many times that anything may happen, maybe we would get back together. Then yesterday when he called he was basically saying that he was thinking differently now and wanted to make that clear to be fair to me.

      It has been soooooooooo confusing. Although I still love him and get a rush of emotion at hearing how he feels about me – good and bad, I would need a lot of convincing to give it another go with him. I deserve better (I will do a post on this).

  2. Kymbo says:

    It’s easier when you can avoid each other, the memories fade…a little, and you just ‘forget’. . for a time!
    Then an email, a call especially..and it comes flooding back like a cold wave sweeping over you. . . and whats wrong with those memories anyway?
    You had good times.
    You cant forget all those good times just to avoid thinking about the bad times?! …but you do get used to it.
    Stay strong Spiral.

    • Spiral says:

      It actually feels good to remember and to grieve. Being in my old town, old work, common friends who don’t know we’ve separated and visiting old haunts with significance to him bring up all the emotions. But there are also new things happening and things that were always my own. All part of the healing.

  3. Taking up the key
    I insert it
    Into your heart
    And twist

    Closing the connection
    I hear pain spill
    From your voice to fill
    My emptiness

    May your recovery be swift and as complete as these things ever are, given the eternal nature of spiritual connections. May you feel safe, may you feel strong, may you feel loved, may you feel happy, and may your life unfold with ease. I’ll be reading.

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