Thankful Thursday #13

Just a quick update and thanks post. I’ve limited internet and mobile reception where I’m staying which makes things tricky. I spent the day up the top of the mountain where I used to live/work. The mist is rolling in, the temperature has dropped and it has started drizzling. There’s a sense of belonging although it’s still quite faint. It’s all so familiar and makes me smile inside 🙂 This is a very special town.

When I’ve organised more permanent accommodation and more settled, I’ll be able to post more. This week’s three:

1. Thankful to be starting back at my old job on Monday!

2. When I phoned the dressmaker to organise a new uniform, I was asked to describe my size. This is what I said, “(Aus) Size 10, I’m short and kinda busty.”  I do have some rockin’ curves and am feeling appreciative of my body. I also got a great haircut before I left. I went home and ran a dye through it to disguise the grey. So yep, I’m looking good. I even shaved my legs! New and exciting times…

3. Sooooooo glad to be on a new surprisingly comfy sofa bed instead of a two-seater couch that’s way too small even for me! Also glad to wake up and not have a dog staring at me!


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4 comments on “Thankful Thursday #13
  1. Kymbo says:

    You sound altogether much better Spiral… Glad it’s feeling good and you’re liking it. I love your description of yourself, though I’m having trouble seeing you with greys…I still remeber the Youtube vids you put up years ago… : – )

    • Spiral says:

      I don’t know if I’m better, just different. Back where I know people and in some ways, fit in. Walked down the main street today and about 8 or 9 people gave me hugs and told me they were happy I was back!

      You know I can’t lie about my appearance, Kymbo – you will see the truth on Facebook! Plus, my boss was listening to me describe myself earlier today.

      I have lots of grey hair for my age. As much as someone 10-20 years older. It’s genetic. At least I have hair and it’s not that hard to dye it.

      Oh but Kymbo, there was a great long grey streak in my hair in the YouTube videos! It’s visible if you know what it is 🙂 Perhaps from a distance it looks like highlights! Those vids are still online. What’s worse is I was wearing those horribly unflattering clothes cos I was out in a small town, had to wear green and also trying not to get sunburnt. I still wish I’d worn something less daggy.

      Thanks for the visit!

  2. Z says:

    I was wondering what the dressmaker said after your description.
    And I’m glad you feel merrier and ready for a new life.

    • Spiral says:

      She said I sounded sexy and would like to meet me… No, she asked my bra size to help clarify. The uniform sizes are generic. She is making small bottoms and a medium top. They are very theatrical. I’d thought I’d never be wearing it again!

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