I feel like moving on…

I am on the move.

I left at noon today. So now it’s just me and Peregrine (my car), 3 plants and a car full of stuff to get me by. I have temporary accommodation and I’ll work out the rest from there. I finally called my old work. My boss is over the moon and ready to give me work the minute I arrive back.

First stop: Mum and stepdad’s. It’s a long weekend and they have friends staying so I’m on the couch but still, I have somewhere to sleep for the night. We all went to the pub for dinner. The kids had a play area and deep-fried-artificial-everything-kids-meals, the adults had booze and overpriced food. Got to have a good chat with mum. As we were leaving, discovered a tastefully hairy young man smiling at me. Not that I’m looking yet but hey, it’s an ego boost!

Next stop: Youngest sister and her partner. They are hosting an NRL (Rugby League) Grand Final viewing and invited our other sister and her partner. I don’t follow football so it will be an “interesting” experience! Still, I pick the Roosters as that’s mostly where I grew up. I will get to see my two sisters. And, oh joy, I’ll sleep on another couch. I may have to fight the dogs for it…

Third stop: Staying with friends until I find somewhere more permanent. They have an uncomfortable sofa bed but again, it is a bed. My bed is at the other (visiting) sister’s place and hopefully I’ll be able to pick that up at some stage.

I am exhausted and waiting for everyone to go to bed so that I can sleep on the couch. I’ve posts in my head to write but another time…


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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2 comments on “I feel like moving on…
  1. This cartoon is in your corner. Good journey.

  2. Kymbo says:

    “..deep-fried-artificial-everything…” Love that comment, very funny. Youre back to your old self already!
    Glad you’ve finally got there and Im sure it will get better and better from here on.

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