It’s getting close now

It’s all happening now. I’ve finished my last jobs. No more of my own clients. Unfortunately I had free listings in all the local pages and will probably get calls for the next year.

And no more casual employer. No more waiting around in my shifts with no work. No more dropping everything to do one hour’s work when they did call. I am so looking forward to leaving.

Of course, my work will be the same type of thing where I am going. But at least if they call on my unscheduled days, they won’t expect me to be available. I will still rush in and work for an hour so I can get my approx $35. Because if you do enough hours all over the place, they do add up. And then they call you when they get 3 or more hrs and it becomes worthwhile if you don’t mind having no life. I’ll be single. I will be their slave for a while if it gets me back on my feet.

Today I am finishing packing and doing some minor cleaning. And I’ll probably do my tax (it’s almost done).

I’m scared and excited about leaving. Still hard to believe I’m going through with it!

OK, got things to do…


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5 comments on “It’s getting close now
  1. Tim says:

    Hey Spiral,
    Great to re-connect with you.
    Just a quick note to say hi and let you know I found your blog!
    Will come back soon and read some more.
    I hope your move goes smoothly.
    Talk soon
    Love Tim

  2. Kymbo says:

    Good luck with the move Spiral, I hope it goes smoothly and you feel good about it.

  3. Life is change. I know your embrace of it will bring about new and wonderful things.

  4. Spiral says:

    Yeah, it’s all going well. I feel like I’m on holidays and it’s liberating! I nicked off to get my hair cut before I leave. Out with the old…

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