Thankful Thursday #12 – Double Feature

Got caught up in stuff last week and missed Thankful Thursday. I did keep intending to do a late entry but y’know how it is…

Sooooooooo, what am I thankful for this week?

1. I’ve been able to farewell my music school, meditation group and dance class. And my clients. I’ve really appreciated well-wishes from so many people and the parting rituals that make it easier/cleaner to move on.

2. I spent some time with my youngest sister. It was lovely to share a couple of meals and catch-up.

3. As I’ve been packing, I’ve been reducing my belongings. I’ve recycled boxes of old documents and study notes. I  am holding a garage sale this weekend. I have four boxes of books to sell,  lots of crystals and other new-age things plus general items. The ex has a lot to sell. I’ve already given quite a lot of things to charity. Anyway, I’m very happy to be making room for new in my life and to have less to move.

And now a bonus three to make up for last week’s absence:

* I am very thankful that I can hear the ocean as I write this post. The wind is carrying the roar loudly tonight!

* I thank the man who saw a Magpie swooping at me as I walked to the shops without head protection. He cycled quickly behind it to scare it away and also warn me about it. Then it chased him. They love to swoop cyclists.

* Thanks to the fairies who are placing four-leaf clovers in the garden. I’ve enjoyed discovering them!


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One comment on “Thankful Thursday #12 – Double Feature
  1. Kymbo says:

    I’m glad youre moving forward and feeling good about it too.
    Sell the things you no longer want and give away those memories as well.
    You have much to be thankful for..

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