Blogging brings people together

The more I read Freshly Pressed and other random blogs, the more I feel a connection to Everybody-in-the-whole-world.

I love you, bloggers!

Seriously, I can relate in some way to almost every blog I read. Sometimes I think oh, been-there-done-that or am not really interested in their particular hobby/thing, but the thoughts and emotions around the individual interests are universal.

The thing that makes us all unique is how the topics fit together in our daily lives. The puzzle of each blogger. The details are all slightly different. Here’s a snapshot of me as though I were randomly picking tags to write about (which of course I am):

Nature – I am a greenie. And hey, I live in a small city in Australia. There’s plenty of nature and in fact, I need to be close to nature to be healthy. I’d like to be living in a more rural area. I love learning about animals. I mostly enjoy plants without wanting to know all about them. I also dream of the day when I’ll visit all kinds of interesting places and see amazing creatures. Before they’re all gone.

Politics – I’ll rarely discuss politics but it is a part of my life, especially for the next three days. I believe if you care for your children and grandchildren or for any sort of future, you’ll vote Green. It just makes sense. I mostly find political discussions boring and have this fear/theory that I missed the school lessons on how Australian Government works. I’ve tried to learn as an adult but it goes in one ear and out the other. But but but, has anyone else noticed the Twitter game going on with all the MPs and Senators and political parties? I think there’s a campaign strategy going on to follow as many Australians as possible so that they’ll vote for you. The Prime Minister herself (or more likely, her people) has currently followed 42, 402 people, mostly in the last few weeks! The leader of the opposition has not been following back his followers, nor is he verified.

Relationships/love – Oh yeah, plenty of that in my life. Though, I’m in a weird sorta-probably-breaking-up place. Relationships are very important, probably too important in my life…

Spirituality – nice to see so many like-minded people out there! God, Angels, intuition, Spirit, healing, meditation are weaved throughout my daily life and I’m constantly expanding my experiences.

Work – I do work. For myself and others. I am not earning enough to support myself so looking for work is part of my daily routine. I’ll often find myself on a Saturday night filling out a job application. There are tons more employment opportunites for me in a larger city (I’m getting trained for hospitality to increase employability – is that a word?). That said, I’m also shy and self-conscious and anxious, though I try to act normal and employable (how about this?). Once I’m used to a new situation/people I relax and it gets easier. And I’m a bit lost as to ‘what I want to do’ apart from my daydreams of being a well-paid writer/artist/fill-in-the-gap.

Health – Oh, I’ve got a few problems here: Digestive and Reproductive. And a bit of mental health anxiety and depression,  a few allergies, tendency to get fatigued. They ebb and flow and seem to affect each other. One of the symptoms is flared up right now… I won’t share the details… Oh, may as well, this is anonymous afterall and most of my friends/family know anyway. Diarrhoea. Probably stress-related. Today is particularly bad. Ouch.

Sex – This is pretty highly ranked. I used to really love reading sex blogs because it’s something I was interested in and was rarely talked about in real life. I even had my own. People blog about everything to do with sex. Often without shame. I lost interest over the years, reading more about relationships. And you know, living became a priority. Now with a sick and dying relationship, I’ve put sex into a category of something I’ll enjoy again one day.

So it’s time to wrap up this post (and not because I need to go to the toilet again – I’ve nothing left, thank goodness). There are obviously more tags I could write about such as cooking, humour, poetry, music and er, probably not shopping cos you kinda need money for that. Not really into sport either, but other than that…

Snapshot over, back to feeling the love for all of you. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading and will see you out in the blogosphere.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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One comment on “Blogging brings people together
  1. theweeklyargus says:

    Back rubs using medicated lotion also bring people together.

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