Friday 5 for August 13: No Superstitions Here!

I’m finding things to distract me so that I don’t feel sad or confused or have to make a decision. I have had some chats with two women today about what’s going on and after that and yesterday’s therapy and more planned tomorrow, I think that’s enough for now. I can only process so fast…

Here’s the Friday 5 for Black Friday:

1. What’s something good that there are thirteen of?

A baker’s dozen… of pretty much anything.

2. Have you known any black cats?

Yes and like the gypsies, I believe it is good luck for a black cat to cross your path.

3. Among people you know, who seems to have an uncanny knack for games of chance?

Me. But never on the lottery, only on things that are just for fun.

And in real life I have all kinds of coincidences. This evening I found a credit card on the street, briefly noted the details, then imagined a whole story about taking the card into the bank on Monday, they may have cancelled it by then… is there another way to contact them… blah de blah… Then I realised I knew the name on the card. Of the 30,000 odd people in the area I had a degree of separation to this person, although we’d never met. After three phone calls (finally I checked the phone book), I’d contacted the person for them to come and pick it up… before they’d even realised their credit card was missing!

[Follow-up: The person collected his credit card the next morning and brought me a bunch of flowers to say thank you :)]

4. It seems to me that while people seem to have all kinds of tokens of good luck, such as lucky articles of clothing or lucky rituals or lucky figurines, nobody has a lucky food. What would make a really good good-luck food, and what would seem to be a bad-luck food?

No lucky food!? Are you kidding? Garlic is lucky and wards off evil spirits. And anything you enjoy daily to make you feel good is lucky. Cups of tea are lucky for me. When I start the day with two cups of tea, everything is OK.

Bad luck food – probably fast food chains with no nutrition or taste, or anything that causes food poisoning or flatulence!

5. Not that any of us believes in luck, but what’s something that happened this week that seems to have been very lucky for you?

I forgot the directions for how to get to a train station, asked a woman for directions, ran back where I’d come from and now in the right direction and the woman appeared in a car to drive me to the station so I’d make the train. Then she gave me some religious literature for the journey. I still like to think of it as a lucky experience… I may even read the newsletter…

Friday 5


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