Three July Dreams

Early July dream:

I was back at school for either a reunion or my final year. There was an obstacle course. I was running through trees and bush trails, being chased in a fun kind of way. A game.

Then I was stopped in a crowded public room, like a library. Suddenly my sister came up behind me and put her new daughter on my shoulder. I was so happy to meet my niece! She was such a beautiful baby and it was a joy and gift to be holding her and for my sister to be there too. I woke up feeling very clucky.


I was out in the bush near a couple of trees and a middle-aged lady. I looked up the dirt road where the cars were parked and saw that our sliding van door was open and there were two snakes slithering around, one small, the other very large. I didn’t want the snakes to get into the van so I snuck up there to close the door. Next thing, the big snake has eyed me and rearing up. I run. I run downhill towards the trees. It follows. I am running as fast as I can downhill and this massive snake is chasing me, undulating its body down across the slope. It has a dark head and striped body. I am T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D. I can’t remember ever being so afraid. The snake is huge with a long thick body and very powerful.

Suddenly I remember that if you are still, they can’t see you. Somehow I freeze and the snake charges past me. The woman calls for her male friend to catch it. He is out of sight and then walks up to us with the huge snake wrapped and knotted around his shoulders. It appears the man has been bitten on his back/shoulder blades by the snake but is not really harmed. The snake is now a python which surprises me. I realise the snake is not as harmful as I thought. The man goes off uphill to relocate the snake. I am still in awe of the huge powerful snake. I wake up still scared and awed.

Late July:

Woke up to a nightmare where people were gruesomely killing each other. A young lady (20?) was killing her mum with a saucepan because the mum had sexually abused her when she was growing up. And there were men, other family members involved somehow. It was like a horrible violent movie. I woke up feeling very very disturbed.

In waking life

I think I conceived around the time of the first dream. Well, at least my body was doing a good job of thinking I did. By the end of the month my period was a few days late and I woke up to bleeding with that last dream on the full moon.

I have also done some interpretation of the symbols and feelings of the dreams. I dream about snakes a lot, perhaps because I was born in a Snake year.

That is all.


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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