My Inheritance

I talked to my parents about telling white lies.

Actually, they endorse it.

My grandma especially taught my mum not to share everything with your husband. Or kids. Yep, this thing goes back generations

I’m doomed.

The thing is that when you start to make moral or ethical or health-related choices, you can feel guilty about anything and everything.

Second-hand op-shop jeans are still made in China and/or sweat shops. And no more chocolate. Ever. It has caffeine and sugar and fat and if not Fair Trade I may as well give-up and have Nestle!


Probably better to ‘fess-up. Partly to break the chain and stave off male pattern baldness or urges to squeegee the shower after each use. But mostly because I’ve run out of hiding space for my stashes of chocolate and second-hand jeans!


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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