I started another new blog and wrote three posts. I thought I would bare all and be all liberated and out there. Safely under an anonymous moniker, of course. I wrote some scandalously vague ideas that I have addictions and fears and phobias and woah man, it’s really freeing to be able to write that! Seems I’m not really ready to bare all afterall.

Then I had a blue with the Mandorla Man (MM – my partner) about keeping secrets – yes, mine. I argue that it’s been my nature for twenty odd years to omit details and hide this and that, tell white lies and hopefully not many real porkers. I really am trying to change that. But I’ve been troubled about it all. I want to be honest in some ways, about the important things, but do I really want and need to share everything? But then why do I feel the need to hide things, even minor things? This will be another post (after the therapy session!)

Then we somehow ended up (because I wanted to go) in a room full of mediums doing public psychic readings. It was all good natured advice from the other side, very spot-on. I had a smile at the truthful advice. Until she turned to me and said, ‘Don’t you laugh – you like to keep secrets, do you? Do you have secrets you wouldn’t want the whole town to know? Hmmm????’ While I nearly slid off my chair in shame, the MM was chortling and coughing and digging me in the ribs with his elbows. Fortunately, the other side also had something positive to share with me to balance it out.

Well, it’s making me think. I’m writing stuff down. And I’m seeing the therapist next week!


Of the female variety and hungry for knowledge, truth and love.

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